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I'm so excited to finally get this Blog started, it's only taken me, hmmmm about 16 1/2 months. I know once I get past the inital set up, I'm going to be so happy to have this up & running. This page is meant for our family & friends to read all about Breighton & his progress. I hope to fill it up, with all his milestones that he is yet to show us. He's an amazing little boy & he can't wait to show off for all of you!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Little Things In Life

Wow, I can't believe it's been 10months since my 1st & only post. I keep telling myself, it only takes a little time, to reacquaint everyone with our crazy life! There has been so much go on since our last post that I don't know where to start. For starters, Breighton is just loving our new home, he has so much space to run around, in the yard & in the house. He has so many kids to play with, and that makes him HAPPY!

If you keep us with us on Facebook you know that Breighton has started walking with his walker since my last Blog Post. He didn't like it at all, at first & now it's something he begs for. I'm happy to report at the beginning of this year he got out of wearing his mean hip abduction brace at night. Over the past 6 months, his left leg has started to turn inward. His orthopedic doctor says there is really nothing we can do for Internal Tibial Torsion until he's around 6 years old & then we can do surgery. I'm against anymore surgeries that we don't nessicarily have to do. So there I went, in search of what else I could do?

We have some amazing friends who both suggested to get derotation straps made. I have this slight problem you see, every time I hear about or find a new type of bracing, I get hopeful. I get hopeful that my baby will put it on & run, I mean run. Run until his little feet get so tired, that he's so out of breath, that he can't run another inch. But just like everything else, it helped, it helped a little. The minute you take them off, his left leg turns right back to its inward positioning. So I researched & talked to his therapist & doctors, then researched some more.

Our next step was Shriners. There I was again, hopeful for this "magic" answer that was going to just take it all away& give me that answer, that answer as a mom that I wanted, that I needed. The night before I couldn't sleep, I was more anxious than I had been thus far. Then comes the answer, all we need to do is re-cast his club foot. REALLY, that's it's? Just re-cast his foot?! This is going to correct the leg & my beautiful boy won't trip over his own foot & will be able to walk, unassisted? This is the answer I was looking for, this was that easy fix, the one I had prayed for all this time. So then we are off to make an apointment for a week later with his doctor at children's. Kyle had to bring him because I had a meeting at work that day. He didn't tell the dr we went to Shriners, he just said we think his club foot is regressing & want to re-cast. WOW was that easy, he agreed to do it! He didn't think it would do what we wanted, but he agreed he had regression in that foot. So on to wearing his cast for 2 weeks & then check it to see the progress.

 In between that was Easter, yet another Easter wearing a cast. This was only his 3rd Easter, but his 2nd out of 3 in a cast. What a trooper, this boy went to the beach in a cast, and couldn't get even remotley close to the water. I think it broke my heart more than his & more than he'll ever know. We wraped that cast in a bag & then put electrical tape around the whole entire thing (nothing was getting in there). To watch how much he wanted to do, but was limited, was heart wrenching.

 I know this may sound silly, but you know that feeling, that feeling of right when your about to walk on the beach & you slip off your flip flops? I love that feeling, the sand between your toes, as they sink further & further in, the closer you get to the water. Then you walk to the shore line, the water comes up & goes over your feet. That sense of peace, that Feeling of relaxation. Now imagine, feeling guilty for feeling that sand & water between your toes... My amazing little boy, he'll never feel that feeling, it's little things like that, I try not to over look. I bet the next time you go on the beach & you get to experience one of those "little things in life" you'll cherish it too. Maybe you will, maybe you won't, but it goes to show how things like that, those little things we don't think twice about, really mean more.
Like a new baby who wiggles their toes, it's something we just expect as part of the whole cute new baby experience. What I'd give to see those cute toes curl up & wiggle, or my Doo Doo laugh because it tickles when I rub his feet. But you see, Breighton has no idea what he's missing, he only knows what he's always had & he can't miss something that was never there. As a mother, you put a certain amount of weight on your shoulders that no one can take away, no matter what. We all want what's best for our children & want them to be amazing, outgoing, successful, productive, respectful, happy kids. That's just it, he's a child & I don't think I ever want that innocence to go away. It's a crazy big mean world out there, and my boy will have to face it one day. Until then, he'll be a kid & push as hard as he can to not let himself fall behind. He's a super smart kid at that! I've never heard a kid say or learn the things he has in his 26months of life. He'll grab your heart & he'll hold it tight, so watch out girls!

On a different note, he had his second session this last weekend with Stella, "his horsey". He loves Stella, she's the horse he rides at the Fabulous ranch, New Heights. He started hippotheraphy once a week, to strengthen all of those muscles. They Brag on fantastic he's doing already. He loves it & I'm so happy, I was afraid he wouldn't wear the helmet or get on the horse. Let me tell you, I was wrong & that's one time I'm glad I was. With this therapy we're hoping for big things to come from it.
 (He was a little movie star his 1st Day of class)

 Also, we decided not to get Breighton back in casting, after the 2weeks he just completed. His club foot did not move 1 inch & he had horrible break down on his foot. So we sat off a week, brought him back last week & the dr said we just need new AFO's. We knew this, but he just said he'll see him back in 6 months. My husband called me to tell me this. . .  I was like 6 months?! 6 months?! 6 months for a child with orthopedic issues that we still have yet to correct. So I got mad & when I get mad, I do research & when I do research I'm going to get something accomplished if the doctors like it or not. So  I found a brace called the Wheaton Brace which is suppose to be worn at night for 3-6 months. I called Fri for him to write a script, & he refused.... Yes, he refused! So I cried. I think I know what's best for my child& it can't hurt to try. If I wanted to lay back & let someone else call the shots with our child, I truly believe he wouldn't be where he is today. So I called his doctor from Shriners today & he agreed to write the script for me. Yay, I'm so thankful, so now we can see the orthotist on Thursday & see what we can get accomplished. Also we are waiting for his approval from Early Steps to get his new AFO's. He's had his for 1 year now, so he's long overdue. Again, I find myself being overly hopeful that the new AFO's & the night time Wheaton bracing, to fix the Internal Tibial Torsion, will work. Like I keep saying, it doesn't hurt to try, what do we have to loose? Nothing, but we have everything to gaine. More good news, we got Breighton's Amtryke out yesterday.It was actually donated to him in January, and he can finally do the hand cranks & petals on his own!!!

(This is when he 1st got it in Jan, now he can reach the pedals, and has the strength to do it himself)

 If I told you that he amazed me every day, that would be an understatement. With him my life is fuller! It may be more chaotic than most, but let me tell you, I'd have it no other way!!!
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  1. Brittnie reading your blog really truly touched my heart. Breighton has the utmost strength and good spirits and it has to start from you and Kyle. Your an amazing mother who goes over and beyond to do and get the best for her son and I know the next time im on a beach with my toes in the sand and water Breighton will come to mind. I wish Breighton the best of luck with his adventure in life and to only get stronger eeryday.